IMG_3783August has come and many children have experienced wonderful weeks at FCE´s camp site in the village Chislaz in Romania, but more camps are yet to come.

The children in the After School-project, which is more than a project for help with homework, have had two different camps. The first week of June was rainy and a bit chilly, but the children loved it and had a great time. The second group came on a week so hot that they had to stay inside during the hottest hours. 

The camp for children in foster care became something of a reunion when other children, who also grew up at Casa Alba, came to visit the camp. They children are really having fun together! The children and youth from Casa Silvia enjoyed it so much that they wanted to stay longer.

IMG_3785One week 25 children from families with poverty and other difficulties came to camp. For them the camp week in Chislaz is the highlight of the year when they can be free, enjoy themselves and have fun!

IMG_3784Right now about twenty children from FCE’s family homes are at the camp site for two weeks. The pool next to the camp is very popular. Some were there at 5 o´clock in the morning, when the others went out fishing. The children have learned new songs and have made people in the village church and at a home for disabled happy with their singing.

Now the youth from the Day Centre, the children from the Special Needs School and teenagers from disadvantaged families are waiting to go to camp.

Volunteers on location in Chislaz and all of you sponsors make these camps possible!