Besides the work at Popesti and Cadea, the small abandoned children in the children’s ward at the hospital needed daily care. Due to neglect, the children were at extreme risk of suffering lasting psychological and physical injuries and, in some cases, fatal illnesses. The damaging effect that growing up in an orphanage had had on the older children made employees and volunteers in FCE fight for the small children’s right to a better life.

1996 Casa Alba was opened for 24 children from the children’s ward at the hospital. The change was enormous amd the children finally had a home. Someone was looking after them 24-7 and they were cared for throughout the day getting attention and finally enough food. The first children were approximately 3-4 years old and had just recently learned how to walk and talk. Now they would learn how to sit at chairs at a table and eat, they no longer neede to steal each others food, they were able to stay in bed without being tied down and many other new things. Casa Alba became an environment where they were able to make great progress.
When a child moved from Casa Alba to their birth family, a foster home, or were adopted, there was room for another little abandoned child.
The thought behind Casa Alba was to give the children a safe and loving home until each child got their own family and a permanent home.
It was fascinating to see how fast a malnourished and apathetic child could change. A little weight gain and a spark of life in the eyes and the child gets a healthy look.


Read about Casa Alba’s 1-year anniversary in the newsletter from July-Aug 1997