In 1998, the first transit home opened to help youth that had finished school after having lived at an orphanage for 18-20 years. They needed a safe family like place, for at least some years, to be able to learn basic skills to eventually manage on their own. That includes skills like how to behave, show respect, look for a job, manage their salary, as well as elementary things like hygiene, cooking etc.

In the start the youth came to FCE’s transit homes after having finished school and then received help to get a job and to keep it. Later, FCE got the opportunity to help younger youth from the state run institution in Popesti. To be able to go to a normal school and graduate have given these youth a greater chance in life!

Since 2008, younger children have also come, and the transit homes, which were supposed to be a gateway to help the young people to be able to join normal society, have now become family homes with children of different ages. When the youth have moved away from home, younger children have been able to move in.

In each one of these family homes there are parents who live together with the children and youth. Family home parents make every effort to ensure that children feel that they belong to a family.