A sponsor’s experience, from the newsletter in March-April 1993

About a year ago I heard about Popesti and that, as a sponsor, you could help with the work that goes on there. I liked that the funds, in different ways, benefit all the children and not one specific chosen child. More and more, the thought to go there myself has grown within me and one month ago it became reality. One snowy evening in February, we left Linköping, in a fully loaded minivan, for a weeks stay in Romania. During one week, besides Popesti, we also visited children at the children’s hospital in Marghita and we also had time to visit the home for the elderly in Ciutelec. There were many experiences and impressions to convey after a journey like this, but there are two that especially come to my mind:
The joy the children showed over the newly renovated boarding house, that they now had hot water to wash themselves in and cuddly toys that were waiting in their beds.
At the children’s hospital there were many children that nobody seemed to care about. Many were lying totally still and it felt like they had given up. But it made the whole trip worthwhile to see a face like that light up with a smile. Home again, after a comprehensive and instructive week, sometimes I think about the children. What are they doing now and what will happen to them in the future?
To be a sponsor feels even more meaningful now, and I want to contribute in the way I can to try to give these children a more stimulating life.

Kristina Pettersson