IMG_0076Casa Silvia has been opened in 2003 as a home for 8 special need children. Most of them were our children who used to be at Casa Alba. With so many people around it became too overwhelming there for them. So, a nice cosy house was bought and remodeled just for them.

They were cute little children, and now five of them turned into young adults, who want to be responsible and take care of their house. They get along very well together, they are loving and „agreable”, as Silvia would say and it is a sens of harmony around.

There is that simplicity of thought, trust and the freedom to be yourself in these young people. Many time I felt blessed to be able to work with them. They don’t feel shy to hug, or to tell you they love you or missed you, or that they are sad and need a hug themselves.

IMG_1468I also can see the seeds of faith sprouting in them. They love to go to church, the ones who can, read the Bible and they refere to it on the daily basis.

For a while, Silvia expressed her desire to be baptized because, „I want to be with God in heaven, when he calls for me.” she sais. She was baptized the Easted Day, this April. Her faith can humble you and encourage you to become more practical in your belief.

IMG_1565Thank you for being partners with us in this work and when you need encouragement and a hug … come to Casa Silvia.

Lidia Micula