FCE has many projects in and around Marghita, which were all started to meet specific needs. These range from delivering lunch for the local schools through our kitchen, to providing a loving family for abandoned young children via one of our transit families. In each project there is a project manager responsible for ensuring that it is run effectively, and to make sure that the project does not lose sight of its main aim.

FCE also has cooperation contracts with state run institutions. This means that FCE is able to support the residents of these institutions with regular visits, excursions and, when possible, material aid.

Our projects are continually evaluated to ensure they remain as efficient as possible. Every year FCE’s board goes through all the projects carefully and asks the project leader to provide a written report about how the work has grown and evolved during the year. FCE’s board consists of 13 members, coming from Romania, the USA, England, Holland and Sweden, who all try and regularly visit the projects to remain closely linked with the work and progress here in Romania.

The management team, who run the everyday work in Marghita, consist of three members of the  FCE board; president, vice president and financial manager. From here they try to ensure that everyone involved in the work, in Marghita and the surrounding area, is aware of what is expected of them, and make sure that the board’s expectations are being fulfilled.