From the newletter July-August 1997

1-year anniversary
This May it was one year since the abandoned children were moved from the hospital to Casa Alba. At first it was 14 children and since then another 10 have come. Mari, who is the oldest, turned 5 in June and Otto, who is the youngest, has just turned 1. The moving-in-jubilee was celebrated with juice, buns, ice cream, speeches, songs and games. During the year we have had to have great patience with often trying work, but we are encouraged by the success we have seen the work have with the children and it’s results.

In the beginning of the summer, an American team was a great addition to the Swedish volunteer team. An evaluation has been made and it shows that all of the children are more or less delayed developmentally due to their hard start in life, but at the same time all of them have made progress. Our social assistant has now been working for two months and has managed to find birth certificates for all of the children. We wish for each one of them to get a family- like home situation as soon as possible and that is what we are working towards.