Young people who have grown up in orphanages without the care of relatives, have a hard time. They lack basic knowledge of relations, behaviour and how to take care of themselves. They are not equipped to cope on their own. FCE has helped and still helps many young people to see their own value and to become independent individuals who can manage in society.

The Half Way Home Brândușa was ready for occupancy on 1 March 2009 and from the beginning it was a project in cooperation with the government. It is a large wooden building on a beautiful spot in Marghita. About thirty young people moved in and most of them stayed there for two years. They had to learn to do a job and take care of their finances in the best way. New young people have joined when others have moved out. Several mothers with children have found a safe home here until their situations were solved and they could move. There is always one staff member available to support the residents to a life with meaning and quality. Later on the numbers of residents have decreased and become a smaller group, more like a family. The residents now only use the rooms on the second floor, since the After school project is using the ground floor.