The project started when the first youth moved out of the transit homes. FCE’s goal is that each person should be integrated in society and hopefully be able to manage on its own. Those who have been abandoned need help to see their own value and be able to trust others again. FCE has a dream;  to see these young people be healed inside so that they can understand that they are loved by God and people and that they can love and help others. Some of them have married and have families.

Young people who grew up in an orphanage have been given help to search for a home, a job and how to take care of themselves and their belongings. They have been encouraged to improve in different ways and to accept the help and the advices from FCE.

Most of the young people participating in this project have lived in Brandușa, where they have been given tools to help them manage on their own. They meet in Club  Elim, and in other contexts to strengthen their relations and self confidence.

We have a wish to help these young people to get a home of their own. The plan is to make wall blocks in Sweden, transport them to Marghita to build houses on FCE’s property.