This project started when children from Casa Albă and youths from Cadea moved back to their biological families. FCE decided to support with food, clothes and other things where there was great poverty. Many families with a disabled family member have been given material support, help to get an ID card and to apply for social contribution.

Hundreds of families have been given starting aid to get a more sustainable life. FCE stimulates and provides the conditions so that families can raise themselves out of poverty. To be able to come out of the downward spiral of unemployment and poverty, the children must be given a chance to go to school. FCE owns buildings in the villages of Poiana and Chirbiș where several disadvantaged families have received a home and a chance to an organized everyday life, like a place in school for their children.

Except for the families who are involved in the Afterschool and integration project in a Roman settlement in Marghita, another 20 families in villages in the countryside are supported by FCE. Food supplies and other necessities are distributed a few times a year.