In the same building as FCE’s office and the Club, there is a depot where items such as donated construction material, furniture, clothes, shoes, toys, and hygiene products are kept.
There is also a food depot where canned goods etc are kept. This food comes from Holland, Scotland, Sweden and Romania.

The items donated fulfill needs in FCE’s different projects and are also given to others in need. Management of goods and respect for the donors gifts is very important to us and FCE is happy to look after everything with due care and attention. Hospitals, institutions, schools and others feel the benefit from the goods donated to FCE. Food and clothes packages are also given out regularly to youth and families who have a connection to FCE. The activity in the depot is extensive and, for instance, at Christmas there are thousands of packages that are packed and distributed.

FCE is ever thankful to committed people who collect, pack and send these goods.