From 1991 to 2005 employees and volunteers were strongly committed to taking care of abandoned young children in the hospital’s children’s ward. That project provided many babies a chance to a better start in life. Previously, it was unfortunately common for parents, who did not consider themselves able to take care of a child, to leave their baby in the hospital. The reason could be that they were very young, lived in great poverty and experienced other difficulties. Furthermore, they were ignorant of the physical and/or emotional damage an abandoned child may suffer growing up in an orphanage instead of in a family.
From 1996 and throughout the following ten years, abandoned children were moved from the hospital to Casa Albă when there was room available. Children are no longer abandoned to the same extent and the government will therefore arrange for children to be placed in foster homes. Those who have been abandoned live a reasonably normal life, but without love and care they would not have succeeded.