In 1996 FCE opened Casa Albă (the White House). 24 abandoned boys and girls were moved from the hospital children’s ward to their new home. Since then, many children, everyone with their own history, have lived in Casa Albă. Most of them came from the hospital, while others have been left directly to Casa Albă by their parents, who for some reason couldn’t take care of them.

Casa Albă was a temporary home until the children could come to a permanent home; the biological family, adoptive family, foster home or family home.

During the time the children lived at Casa Albă the employees and the volunteers gave them all the love, security and stimulation that they needed.

When the possibility of international adoption was stopped in 2004, some of the children stayed longer in Casa Albă than was intended. It wasn’t allowed to accept small children anymore, so in the
years 2005-2009 the children were 6-10 years old and went to preschool and school.

In the summer of 2009, FCE succeeded in finding families to all of the children, and the dream of finding a family to every child was fulfilled.

Many children got a foster family; some were placed in FCE’s family homes, while other children are adopted today.