FCE has run summer camps for orphans since the early nineties. From 1997-2007 the camps were held in the beautiful area of Pădurea Neagră (Black Forest). All the camps have provided fantastic experiences and positive memories for children, volunteers and teams alike.

Many of these camps have been run by teams from Sweden, the USA, the UK and other countries. The teams have worked purposefully to give the children unforgettable weeks with lots of joy, love and lessons for life.

The contract for the camp ground in the Black Forest expired in 2007, and the area became much more of a crowded holiday resort that was no longer suitable for FCE camps. The camps were moved to Lipova, in Arad county, for three summers.

Although these camps were greatly appreciated, the distance to Marghita was too long and not all of FCE’s children got the opportunity to take part in a camp.

In 2010, the construction of a camp site in the village of Chişlaz, approximately 20 km from Marghita, started. FCE already owned land there and sponsors, volunteers and construction teams made it possible to complete the purpose built two-story house, with room for about thirty people, by the summer of 2011. Chişlaz village is known for its thermal pool which is located just across the small field behind FCE’s new camp.In the summer of 2011, all of the children in FCE’s projects were able to attend one of the camps at Chişlaz.All of the teams who came to run the camps also covered the costs for all of the children who attended, and made far better use of the new building than could have been wished for, or expected.