Many Romanian children were abandoned as babies and have had to grow up in an orphanage. Their basic rights were taken from them; security, a safe home with loving parents and everything they would  normally have to learn and grow in a family.

Since the start, FCE’s goal has been that every child should have a home and a family. This could be the natural family, a foster family, an adoptive family or another family home. The children also need the opportunity to be integrated into normal schools, to be able to adjust to, and be integrated in, society.

The young people, who have lived in an institution all their lives, leave the orphanages totally unaware of how to take care of themselves. That makes it very hard to get a job and to live a normal life.

FCE wants to help these young people to realize their value and their potential; that they are created and loved by a faithful God and that they are worthy of being loved. Every child that has been abandoned needs help to get inner healing and restoration. In spite of their bad start in life they can have a meaningful life and a hope for the future.

Romania is still in a difficult economic situation. High prices and low salaries contribute to poverty and many move abroad to work.

FCE believes that it has a continuing, important  and necessary role in helping abandoned children and young people to develop into secure individuals and important members of the society.