The situation at Cadea. As described in one of the newsletters from 1995.


Even though the boarding house is not liveable, many new youth have moved to Cadea during the fall. Approximately 70 teenagers live there now, 15 of which are girls. It’s very hard to describe their situation and even harder to understand how their lives really are. They are abandoned by their families and by authorities, and they have started to understand how impossible it will be to manage in society. In some strange way they put up with not being able to have private belongings, not having any amenities, no meaningful leisure time or anything fun to look forward to and not even proper school education. They don’t seem to have a right to anything. For some, the contact with the Swedish volunteers is the only ray of hope. Our workers are renovating, but the building is big, the work takes a lot of time and it will cost a lot of money. Even now there is still no heat in the ice cold stone house.

A visitor described it like this:
I have heard so much about Cadea and seen pictures from there, but the reality is much worse than I could imagine. Those who work for EFI do a tremendous job in Romania!