From 1990-1995 many teams traveled to Marghita to do short term interventions. These teams comprised mostly of craftsmen for the renovation work and people to took care of the children. During these years, teams started to also come from other countries, for instance from Colorado, USA.

Lars and Barbro Gustavsson, together with Inger Boström from the Elim congregation in Örtomta, were there from the beginning, leading the teams, and overseeing the work that had started to grow in Marghita and the surrounding area. In 1995 the Gustavsson family moved to Romania and since then Lars and Barbro Gustavsson have been permanent residents in Marghita.

Earlier, in 1994, the state had opened a boarding house for teenage boys in the village of Cadea. The boys came from Popesti and other orphanages to go to a training school, but preparations and conditions were too poor for them to be able to learn anything there. During a period of ten years, FCE’s volunteers and employees worked to save these youth. The boarding house was renovated and the youth got to meet people who cared about them. Their background and their situation made it hard to show them love and teach them morals, and limits were tested constantly.

Read about how the situation at Cadea was percieved in one of the newsletters from 1995