If you do want to raise money for FCE remember; be creative and bold! You are not “begging” for yourself, but for a good cause!

Fundraising should be fun!

Fundraising A-Z

A. Abseiling, auction – silent/promise.

B. Ball, bungee jump, barn dance.

C. Cake sale, comedy evening, car boot sale, come dine with me (donate to take part).

D. Donate your birthday/wedding/Christmas money, dinner (friends pay to attend), dog walking, dress down day at work, dog grooming.

E. Easter egg hunt.

F. Fun run, fashion show.

G. Gift Aid.

H. How many sweets in the jar.

I. It’s a knock out.

J. Jumble sale,  jailbreak (dressed as prisoners, sponsored teams are dropped off at a mystery destination, without money or a mobile, they must then blag their way back).

K. Karaoke evening.

L. Lucky dip.

M. Masked ball, marathon, match giving (ask your employer to match what you raise).

N. Night at the races,  name the teddy.

O. Office appeal, office Olympics (speed typing or sychronised chair swiveling), overseas challenge – such as climb Kilimanjaro or cycle from London to Paris.

P. Plant sale,  pamper party.

Q. Quiz night.

R. Running event,  raffle (it must be part of another event to be strictly legal).

S. Sweepstake, sponsored swim or silence.

T. Talent competition, themed evening e.g. fancy dress, treasure hunt, tug of war.

U. University challenge.

V. Video quiz, valentines ball.

W. Wine and cheese evening, workplace fundraising, wedding donations.

X. Xmas cards/decorations (make and sell), X Factor competition.

Y. Your stall for FCE at a larger event such as a village fete or flower show.

Z. Zip slide, Zagreb marathon, zimmer frame race.