Many people have been and are involved in FCEs work. They have given and give their time and money to improve the living conditions of the people that FCE is helping.

As a volunteer you pay for all your costs. Since 2008  FCE has a new Guest House. It fills a great function for volunteers and also for groups and guests, who come to participate in the work of Marghita. The residents are responsible for the house and take turns cleaning and preparing meals.

Being a volunteer means an opportunity to help those who have had a rough start in life. At the same time it is a possibility to discover your gifts and abilities, and to start using them. Whether it is playing with children or making sure the computers and the network is working – all areas are important parts to make FCE work effectively. We also need volunteers who can work with media, construction and maintenance of our buildings.

Volunteers also have a great task of informing and soliciting donators in their home countries.


If you are interested in volunteering please e-mail us at