You can support the work of FCE in all sorts of ways, and they don’t always involve parting with cash! IMG_2348

– You can be a sponsor and regularly support the work of FCE.
– You might like to send a one-off cash donation through raising money. Check out the ’Fun ways to raise money’ page on the Get involved menu.
– You can send materials needed for the work.
– You can pray for the foundation and its projects and needs.
– You can come to Marghita to help. Either to work as a volunteer, as part of one of our construction teams, or running one of our summer camps with a team.                              – You can spread information. Tell people about the work FCE does.

There are many people who have changed lives with the gifts they have given, and volunteers who have visited the foundation have been moved and motivated by the work here.

You get a lot back if you are willing to help others!