In the article below you can read the moving story about Adi, one of the Casa alba children, who were adopted by Kari, an american volonteer! 26p1.preview

In 1996 FCE opened Casa Alba (the White House). 24 abandoned boys and girls were moved from the children’s ward at the hospital to their new home. Since then, many children, each of them with their own tragic story, have lived at Casa Alba. Most of them came from the hospital, while others were left directly at Casa Alba by their parents who, for some reason, weren’t able to take care of them.

The idea behind Casa Alba was that it should be a temporary home until the child could get a permanent one with the natural family, an adoptive family, in a foster home, or in another family home. In previous years, many children were adopted by families from other countries, but since June 2004 international adoptions are no longer allowed.

After international adoptions were stopped, many children stayed for a longer time than originally planned at Casa Alba. Small children weren’t allowed to go there anymore, so during 2005-2009 the children’s ages ranged from 6 to 10 with some children going to preschool and others to the main schools around.

In the summer of 2009 FCE closed Casa Alba as an orphanage and managed to find families for all of the children. Most of them are in foster families or family homes and some have been adopted.