A new group of children arrive every week to FCE’s camp building in Chislaz, approximately 25 km from Marghita. 

New for this year is that we had the possibility to receive children from poor families. These are children who have never been on camp before, never swum in a swimming pool or slept in a bed on their own. It is wonderful for them to receive food several times a day but what they seem to appreciate the most is the unconditional love and all the fun activities that the Romanian volunteers gave them.

We need your help to cover the costs for these camps. £50 covers a whole week of camp for one child.  If you are not able to do this, perhaps you could donate £10 for one day or £20 for two days. You can easily donate by clicking on the link below;


Write ‘FCE camp’ in the message box.

Your help provides a child with an unforgettable memory for life!